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SX Fidelity Amplifier

SX Fidelity Amplifier is the world's first PC-based fidelity amplifier for encoded music
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20 August 2007

Editor's review

Are you just loosing the interest in music stored in your MP3 files and other audio files in your computer due to bad quality of sound? Are you worried of finding the reason for this lack in quality despite using the best music systems? Here is the answer to your problems.

Most of the audio files MP3, AAC or other files are created using some codes. If these codes are not properly compressed in algorithms, the quality of sound from these files gets poor and you feel that the problem is with the CD or the system. Solving such problems is now very easy with SX Fidelity Amplifier.

SX Fidelity Amplifier is the shareware application tool that improves the sound quality of audio files to great extend. It repairs the improperly compressed algorithm using its high quality algorithm. It also replaces the defected portions with digital audio where repairing is not possible.

Salient features of this application are as follows. It has Dynamic Stereo Signal, Reduced artifacts and noise, Customized Presets, Built-in Equalizer and much more.

Publisher's description

Any audio codecs, like MP3, AAC and other, and streaming audio use lossy compression algorithms which negatively impact the quality of the audio source, until SX Fidelity Amplifier. SX Fidelity Amplifier improves the quality of the listening experience because it is the only product currently available that uses sophisticated algorithms to repair and replace portions of a digital audio file lost during lossy compression.
Features :
- Manual override of fidelity enhancements
- Dynamic Stereo Signal from Mono Source
- Controls stereo panorama
- Simplified source application selector
- Reduces artifacts and noise
- Sound Card selector
- Skinable Interface
- Customized Presets
- Built-in Equalizer
- Record Sound with Amplified Fidelity
SX Fidelity Amplifier
SX Fidelity Amplifier
Version 1.2.16
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User comments

I must say it improves audio quality for almost any format dramatically. You can define the level of restoration to your own preferences and change options that suits you. I tested it and found out that it improves the sound of the drum kit. Videos on Youtube turned from a dull sound to an unimaginable realistic audio by expanding them by a lot. However, when I listened to songs with lyrics, the voice sounded a little bassy.
Overall, this is a nifty program for home and multimedia purposes.
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